Artillery Shell Kits / Reloadables - Page 4

  • Sky Ink

    Paint the sky with these amazing shaped shells that breaks into effects like double rings, sunflowers, smiling faces and blutterfly with ring.


    Price: $26.88 (8 plus tube)

    Case Price: WATCH VIDEO!

  • Small Festival Balls

    A 6 shot festival ball, each shot has different effects; green peony, red peony, gold peony, blue peony, white peony and multi-colored Peony.


    Price: $5.88

    Case Price:

  • Star Spangled Cannon

    A great display package that lets the consumer see the shells and launcher. Each shell effect has been hand-picked and custom made.

    Shells: 12

    Price: $29.88

    Case Price:

Artillery Shell Kits / Reloadables - Page 4



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